Travel Appointment Information

Trips to far away destination are increasingly popular, lower costs plus faster transport makes it feasible for many. This is all good news; however, with such diversity the risk assessment within your travel health appointment with the nurses is now more complex. For example, we need to know about your travel itinerary and any significant aspects of your health in the past.

We need to perform a risk assessment before deciding which vaccines are recommended and the advice that will best address your needs. For this reason the appointment could take 30 minutes or even longer. Within this surgery we will try to give you the necessary injections within the appointment time to save you having to come back; however it may not be possible to give chargeable vaccines at this appointment due to them having to be order in.

You can either complete the risk assessment online or download a copy and bring it into the surgery. You will then need to book a 30 minute appointee per person. A price list of chargeable vaccines is available here.