The Medici Practice is a training practice for GP Registrars. These doctors stay with the practice for 4-18 months, depending upon their training allocation. You may notice the names change frequently but this is all part of their training schedule.

GP Registrars are fully qualified Doctors, who are undertaking additional training to become GPs. It is similar to hospital Doctors training to become a Consultant.

During the course of the training, they are expected to video some consultations for assessment. You may be asked if you are willing to have your consultation recorded. If you do not want the consultation recorded, please tell the Doctor when he/she asks you.  Physical examinations will not be recorded. The recordings are used for training purposes and are viewed by medical staff at the Practice only.

It will not affect your consultation in any way if you choose not to have the consultation recorded. You can choose to withdraw your consent at any time.