Practice Nurses & Health Care Assistants

Sr.Chandra Phillips

Sr.Chandra PhillipsRN, Dip (Nursing), ENB 998

Practice Nurse (Lead) Family planning and sexual health certificate, ophthalmic trained nurse. Travel health and vaccinations. Children’s immunisation and vaccination. Weight management and advice. Well man/woman health checks. Contraceptive services and implants. Wound care, Ear syringing and General health advice. Chandra specialises in chronic disease management.
Sr.Patricia Liddell

Sr.Patricia LiddellRN

Practice Nurse Minor illness, Asthma and COPD.
Sr.Laura Leonce

Sr.Laura LeonceRN

Nurse Practitioner Minor illness nurse, Nurse prescriber, Modern Matron.
Sr.Susan George

Sr.Susan GeorgeRN

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Specialist Community Paediatric Healthcare Nurse, Minor illness Nurse, Nurse Prescriber
Sr. Lorraine Vass

Sr. Lorraine Vass